Our Pledge

The success of GenHawk Construction Company lies in our basic core principle.

Quality of Product is the hallmark of what we have become known for. As our customer we know you are expecting the highest quality of work to be done on the very thing you hold so dearly, your home.

Our pledge is to keep your concerns to a minimum and always respond with urgency and courtesy. We will strive to exceed our customer’s expectations at every opportunity. A satisfied customer is our highest priority and our goal is to have you share your experience with GenHawk Construction with those around you. We pride ourselves on a job well done.

It was once told to Mike Hawkins that “nice guys finish last in business” our belief is that morals and business ethics play a huge part in the pursuit of success. By adhering to a sound moral code we not only keep our reputation, while attracting a clientele with the same set of beliefs.

GenHawk has implemented a strict company safety policy which surpasses government safety regulations. Owner Michael Hawkins has been certified in OSHA safety standards and adopts a zero tolerance policy for unsafe job practices.

We realize you have a choice when it comes to your construction needs, and we appreciate your consideration. If there are any questions that you would like to discuss please contact us at (805) 639-8930.