Picture of our office manager, Chris


Project/Office Manager

When Chris came to us he had an interesting background in construction. His family owned a local concrete business which he’d labored for since he was in middle school. He liked to work in the field and learned quickly, first basic electrical, then plumbing, tile, framing, etc.

When the opportunity came up, Chris expressed an interest in working with our customers in the office and he quickly excelled. He has worked for about 4 years and does an incredible job with our day-to-day customer relationships. He creates estimates, pulls permits, and facilitates all of the work our teams do for our clients.

Picture of our Lead foreman, S


Lead foreman

Scott has been with Genhawk Construction for about 8 years. He came to us with a painting background, and once we brought him on he quickly learned the ins and outs of residential remodeling. Scott is great with drywall, texture, painting, tile, plumbing, flooring, and more.

Picture of our Lead foreman, Ernesto

Ernesto Gomez

Lead foreman/Draftsman

Ernesto has basically been with us from the very beginning of GenHawk Construction. This guy can build a
house from the ground up. He runs our more complex jobs and knows everything from structural work, codes, electrical, plumbing, and more.

Ernesto is our go-to if we have questions about any of our projects. He also went to school for drafting and is our in-house draftsman. He completes drawings that we send to a structural engineer and to the city.

Picture of our Lead foreman, Damon


Lead foreman

Damon has been working with GenHawk for 5 years. He started with us when he was only 18 years old and hadn’t spent a day in construction. He had very little knowledge but he was a quick learner, a great student, and took the initiative to do things on his own. He did a lot of homework and now, 5 years later, he’s one of our lead foremen. He can remodel any kitchen and bathroom and even does some teaching of his own.

Jon Baricuatro

Lead Foreman

Jon has been with the company almost a year and a half. He came to us well versed in residential remodeling and he enjoys learning and adding to his belt of knowledge. Jon has been a great asset to the company and continues to prove so project after project! He can do a remodel on his own from start to finish without any issues, and our customers enjoy speaking with him when it is presented.

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